"Buddy" The Orangutan
Your VERY OWN, baby orangutan !!

2+ :
5+ :
Use BUDDY to teach your kids about the beautiful orangutan!!

"Buddy" The Big Baby Orangutan is almost HALF A METRE tall (45cm / 17.5 inches) !   This adorable orangutan will guarantee the 'WOW' factor with ALL kids (and kids at heart!).  

Buddy is a beautiful quality, plush orangutan who is seriously cuddly !  He has velcro hands and S-T-R-E-T-C-H-Y  arms and everyone will love to hug him - this is a GREAT children's toy, guaranteed to bring a smile everytime.

Use Buddy, in conjunction with Daniel and William's book, to teach your kids about the orangutan and the problems they face.

"Our dream is that all orangutans will live peacefully,
in the jungle, with no threat to their future.
We believe we can save the orangutans from extinction."

Daniel and William Clarke                                       

Please buy an orangutan and let your children share in the dream.

Did you know?
Daniel and William have owned one of these toys since they were little! 
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Do proceeds from Buddy the Orangutan go to the cause?

Yes. We give as much as possible towards saving the orangutan.

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